How to Increase Your eCom Brands’ Profitable Revenue via SEO

What we’ll cover:

  • 2023 eCom SEO tactics that are proven to rank you highly on Google
  • How to cut your CACs
  • Increasing your conversion rates
  • Maximising your profit margins
  • Realistic budgets for an eCom SEO strategy

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What You’ll Learn

– Finding profitable keywords

Discover the foolproof techniques we use to find profitable keywords that result in transactions and revenue for your eCommerce brand

– Winning with category pages

Learn the best technique to flooding your site with middle funnel traffic that wants to buy, but is choosing between brands and products

– Where do blog pages fit in?

Understand how to use blog pages to fill your advertising pixels with amazing audiences, build topical authority and attract free backlinks on demand


Viktor Bartak

Head of SEO

15 years SEO experience, worked on 300+ brands and businesses including large international marketplaces, eCom stores, private clinics, hotels, agriculture, clothing manufacturers, finance, real estate, SaaS and more.

Aman Ghataura

Head of Growth

Tested 26 growth channels across B2C and B2B and built a growth team of over 10 marketers in Email, SEO, PPC & Amazon.
Worked on 15+ DTC, SaaS & Amazon brands.

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